Sustainable Initiatives and Alliances for Africa



The mission of SIA-Africa Inc. is to develop sustainable global alliances through quality innovative education  that will transform technology, healthcare, urban city planning, economic development and public policy across Africa.


SIA-Africa aims to inspire thought leaders and innovators from around the world, who are committed to making a difference in Africa through sustainable development.


Our Goal is to facilitate partnerships that will lead to the delivery of sustainable resources across Africa by matching needs with opportunity.
Our model is based on matching opportunities with needs through partnerships. We work with local groups to find out their needs and we partner with groups that will fund or provide resources to fulfill those needs.

SIA-Africa creates a database and develops alliances with industry experts to drive action through its unique model to support education, healthcare, agricultural and construction projects. Rather than directly implementing projects, SIA-Africa facilitates action by helping members connect, collaborate, and make effective and measurable commitments to action.

The SIA-Africa model drives action among its members in the following five ways:


The diverse SIA-Africa membership offers a unique opportunity to interact with individuals across multiple sectors and industries. We attract members from diverse backgrounds including women start-up executives, corporate executives, students, development professionals, infrastructure experts, members from foundations, government representatives, and prominent philanthropists.

Innovative Thinking

In the SIA-Africa community, today’s critical thinkers meet tomorrow’s groundbreaking sustainable solutions. Thought leaders and visionaries push the conversation forward, inspiring all volunteers to be creative and innovative in their collective action. Volunteer leaders analyze the most effective programs around the globe, and fresh voices put forth innovative approaches with a constant flow of new ideas, solutions and lessons learned.


At SIA-Africa, partnership development is key to creating the foundation for informed action. Spurred by a collective sense of urgency and shared responsibility, SIA-Africa members collaborate to best leverage their resources and expertise. Some partnerships develop organically from networking, while others grow through issue-specific member gatherings or SIA-Africa volunteer staff facilitation.

Self-Initiated Ideas

SIA-Africa members represent bold new ways to address challenges in Africa – implemented through new methods of partnership and designed to maximize impact. Commitments can be small or large, no matter the size or scope, self initiated ideas help SIA-Africa members translate practical goals into meaningful and measurable results. To support this effort, SIA-Africa facilitates the delivery of resources, dialogue and provides opportunities for our beneficiaries.

The Two Pillars

SIA-Africa members connect and collaborate year-round directly or virtually, to address challenges or develop a strategic approach. Each pillar contains a number of stand-alone opportunities that bring members together to share knowledge, develop new action plans and support work that is already underway. Our two pillars contain small subgroups of members that work on specific, ongoing topics.

Education & Healthcare

Statement of purpose: Work with our partners to mobilize funding resources to support quality education and healthcare for African students.

Our objective is to develop partnerships that will lead to the delivery of academic, logistics, financial and healthcare resources to 100 students in Africa every year. The resources will cover the following areas:

  1. Access to quality education
  2. Gender equality in STEM studies
  3. Good health & well-being
  4. Telemedicine, sustainable healthcare systems, services and infrastructure

The Chairman’s Special Initiatives

The Chairman’s Special Initiatives also known as “The Kodjoe Institute” is a virtual  think and do tank that advocates for the creation of strong ethical governance  institutions  to protect Private Sector and Direct Economic Impact Investments.
Our statement of purpose is to work with students and governments to promote Strategic Investments for Africa in the following areas:
  1. Advocating for decentralized ethical governance and municipal integrity oversight institutions.
  2. Advocating for sustainable capital infrastructure investment projects in Technology, Energy, City Design Planning, Transportation, Agriculture, Creative Arts, Media, Fashion, Entertainment, Sports and Tourism infrastructure..